Are you in the market for a Tinton Falls residential electrician? Mikulka Electric, Inc. can meet all your residential electrical services. Your electrical system might seem fine, but you could be sitting on a time bomb. To avoid and prevent any dangerous situation, it is best to get your electrical system inspected by an experienced professional electrician. There are a few clues that show you may need an electrician to come to your home for a visit.

Tinton Falls Residential Electrician

Tinton Falls Residential Electrician | Shocks

If you are finding that outlets or switches feel warm to the touch or you get a slight shock, you need to contact an electrician right away. Heated outlets that cause a shock may mean that they are being overloaded or there could be an internal wiring problem. It is always wise to contact an electrician to inspect why this is happening.

Tinton Falls Residential Electrician | Darkness

If your electrical circuit breakers are tripping too often, you need an electrician. It may be the appliance being connected may be blowing a fuse and has too much power, or there could also be a potentially dangerous fault in one of the circuits in your home. Your fuses should not be blowing out, it is not normal. It is time for you to contact your local electrician for a full assessment.

Tinton Falls Residential Electrician | Wiring

If your home was built more than 20 years age, the wiring may need some upgrade. Some old homes are not grounded and still have old style tube wiring. This can create a safety hazard. Contact your local electrician to assess and inspect your home. Also, if you have living areas with extension wires that are being disguised under rugs, it may be time to get new outlets. Wires exposed can cause falls and even start an electrical fire.

Tinton Falls Residential Electrician | Plugs

Older homes usually have only two prong plug outlets. In this day in age, a three-prong outlet is necessary. Most appliances have three prongs. It would be easier to change all the outlet to three-prong outlets, so you do not have any future issues. Using too many extension cords can be overloading your circuits. Overusing of power can cause your electrical system to be working past the capacity and can cause a fire. Ask your residential electrician to install more outlets for your safety and to minimize electrical issues in the future. An electrician’s job is to shield you from the danger of the dangerous stuff that’s connected with electrics.

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