Holmdel Commercial ElectricianAre you looking for a great Holmdel commercial electrician? Professional electricians have gone through extensive training and continue to enhance their education all through their careers. While you may not think of hiring a Holmdel commercial electrician before having an electrical emergency, it’s a good idea to research local electricians and set up a business relationship with one before you absolutely need him. This allows you to check credentials on multiple candidates and choose the one who best fits your business needs.

What to Check for in a Holmdel Commercial Electrician

Pulling Permits:

A reputable Holmdel commercial electrician will know the regulations on pulling permits for all new builds as well as renovations. Different areas have specific regulations covering electrical work, as do other communities, and a good local electrician knows what’s needed in your community.


Always check to make sure that your potential Holmdel commercial electrician is properly licensed. The license procedure is set in place to prevent people from working on electrical systems without the correct knowledge and training.

Who Does the Work:

When you hire a Homdel commercial electrician, there are any number of people who may be doing the actual work on your business. It could be:

  • The owner him (or her) self
  • Individual employees who work directly for the owner
  • Subcontractors who work for some other company

While subcontractors can be solid and reputable people, it’s a good idea to know exactly who’s going to be doing the work and how much they actually know.


Does your Holmdel commercial electrician specialize in certain types of work? Find one who does, if at all possible if you’ve got a specialized job. If you’re planning to rehab an old inn into a restaurant, you’ll probably find problems a specialist has dealt with before. On the other hand, if you have a job spanning a wide variety of tasks, go with the generalist every time. Checking testimonials and reviews from former customers will aid you in identifying a reliable company to use.

Warranties and Insurance:

When it comes to the business side of dealing with a commercial electrician, having more paperwork is better. Reputable contractors will warranty their work, guaranteeing it will last for a reasonable length of time. When it comes to insurance, it’s crucial that they have insurance on all their workers and on the job itself. All sensible professionals cover themselves in case of accidents and acts of nature, and will stand behind their work.

Looking for an Excellent Holmdel Commercial Electrician?

The Mikulka family has been serving the electrical needs of homeowners and businesses in Marlboro and Central New Jersey for over 25 years. We take pride in the reputation we have built and strive to maintain our standard of excellence in every project, no matter how big or how small. From design to finish, Mikulka Electric, Inc. provides the expertise to ensure your electrical project is completed on time and on budget. Service towns in the Monmouth County, NJ area include Marlboro, Colts Neck, Aberdeen, Matawan, Holmdel, Middletown, Manalapan, Freehold, and many more. For more information, you can contact us today at (732) 363-8954 or visit our website.

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