Wall Standby Generators

Wall Standby Generators can do much more than just keep your lights on. In fact, it can be the difference between spoiled food, unbearable heat, and keeping your home dry and mold-free after a storm.  It will also allow you to keep up on the latest news and emergency information. Here are some of the great reasons to invest in a generator:

  • Power Your Sump Pump in a Flood – Hurricane season weather typically brings lots of rain, and if your sump pump isn’t working you’re likely to have flooding problems.
  • Keep Your Belongings Safe – A propane generator will keep your home security systems working, which protects your valuables and preserves your peace of mind.
  • Stay Healthy – A power outage can be deadly if someone in your home relies on medical equipment.
  • Protect Your Stored Perishables – Food spoiled during a power outage can cost you hundreds of dollars. With a standby generator you can keep your refrigerated food fresh.
  • Most stoves and ovens also run on or with the help of electricity – if you want to keep cooking, rely on your generator.
  • Stay Comfy in a Less Than Desirable Situation – Some of the worst storms come during the hottest and coldest times of the year. Don’t be stuck inside with no A/C or heat – let your propane backup generator keep your home comfort systems up and running.

How Do Wall Standby Generators Work?

A standby generator is able to work so well with your home thanks to the transfer switch. This device helps tells your home to switch from the municipal power grid to the generator. An automatic transfer switch will make the change in electrical power source automatically.

That said, you do not have to use an automatic transfer switch. The automatic transfer switch does cost more money than its manual counterpart does. If you want to turn on the generator yourself to get your electricity up and running, you can utilize a standby generator and a manual switch. You still get the benefits of a permanently installed unit with a continuous fuel source, making the standby generator worth the investment.

Standby Generators

Standby Generators

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Monmouth County Standby Generators

Monmouth County Standby Generators

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