Electrical wiring is often designed to last long, so many people don’t think about it until something bad happens.  Over time, electrical wires and insulation degrade, reducing their effectiveness and endangering your life and property.

How long does the electrical wire last?  The copper wire used for electrical wiring today can last 100 years.  The problem is with the protective sheathing or insulation, which can wear down a lot sooner.  It’s the type of sheathing that determines how long the wiring lasts, which is usually 50 to 70 years.

The U.S. Fire Administration states that fire departments respond to about 24,200 home electrical fires annually.  These fires cause around 1050 injuries, 225 deaths, and property damage worth $1.2 billion.  When the home electrical fires start, about half of them are due to bad wiring or lighting.


When do I need to rewire my house

If you observe that your home’s electrical system isn’t working how it should, you may need to rewire your house.  While rewiring your property can seem like a significant investment, it can increase your home’s value and reduce your likelihood of having a house fire.  Electrical rewiring may also improve your house’s safety, lower your electrical bills, and increase your property’s electrical capacity.  If you are wondering when you need a complete rewiring, here are signs you need the upgrade.


  1. Your Property Has Old Wiring

If your house is 50 years or older, there’s a good chance you need to update your electrical wiring.  As much as you love the older home’s character, its electricians might not have designed the property’s wiring to suit today’s electrical needs and appliances.  The old wiring can also pose a fire risk, as old wiring causes about 10% of residential fires.  An expert electrician can inspect your home’s old wiring and recommend the best action to protect your valuables and support modern electrical requirements.


  1. After Flood, Fire, or Natural Disaster

Floods, fires, and natural disasters can affect your home’s electrical wiring.  For example, these calamities can expose electrical wires, posing a threat to your family and pets.  An electrician can inspect your home after a natural disaster, fire, or flooding and recommend a complete rewiring.


  1. Aluminum Wiring in Poor Condition

If you or someone else built your home between 1965 and 1973, you might have aluminum wiring.  You may need rewiring if the aluminum wiring is unsafe.  Aluminum wiring can increase the risk of electrical fires, so you can schedule a replacement when you notice the aluminum wiring isn’t safe.  For example, aluminum wiring can be unsafe when you connect it to light switches, outlets, or other wires in junction boxes, as they can deteriorate and pose a fire hazard.  An electrician can help you minimize these risks by inspecting the aluminum wiring and recommending the appropriate action, such as a complete rewiring.


  1. Outdated Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube wiring or open wiring can be in properties built in the 1950s or earlier.  These setups lack a ground wire, so you can’t use electrical appliances having three-pronged plugs, increasing the likelihood of having electrical fires and shocks.  The setup can have differing wear and tear that may necessitate an overhaul of your home’s electrical wiring.  An electrician can inspect the open wiring and recommend whether a complete rewiring is necessary.

The 21 century uses more outlets and USB Ports, consider an upgrade to each room.  As you replace outdated appliances, new appliances need to have their own breaker.  Starting with a modern breaker box with power surge protection is the safest way to bring power into your home.


When do I need to rewire my house

Your home’s electrical wiring is an essential component of your electrical setup because it supplies light to your spaces and keeps your electrical equipment running.  You need the wiring to work well to be comfortable and safe.  A complete rewiring may be necessary to lower electric bills, reduce the chances of electrical fires, and increase the setup’s electrical capacity.


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Each major appliance needs its own breaker