Are you interested in hiring an electrician?  If you live in Monmouth county, then you know there are a lot of home service professionals from which to choose.  So, how do you know which electrician is the best fit for you and your needs?  We have put together a list of six things that you should ask before hiring an electrician for your projects.


What projects are you most familiar with?

Most electricians specialize in a specific scope of work.  Some examples of specialties include residential service, residential new construction, commercial, or industrial projects.  If you are looking for someone to install an outlet or ceiling fan in your home, you wouldn’t want to call a new construction electrician or a commercial electrician, since they aren’t experts in residential service work.  When hiring an electrician, make sure the one you choose is an expert at the job you need completed.


Are you licensed?

Many people who are unlicensed perform electrical work.  This is not only illegal, but it could also cause a safety hazard for you and your household.  If you have a handyman or other unlicensed individual perform electrical work in your home, if there are every any issues with the work, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely deny the claim.  You can always search to see if a company is licensed on the NJ Board Examiners of Electrical Contractors website.


Are you insured?

In the event of an accident, you want to make sure that you, your home, and the contractors are protected.  If a contractor has insurance, that will help bring you peace of mind while they are working in your home.


Do you offer a warranty?

If you purchase a product, you want assurance that it will function as intended and that your home will be protected if any problems arise.  In the event of a problem, a warranty will guarantee that a product can be repaired or replaced, saving you time and money.


What is the expected work schedule & timeline?

Timing is everything when picking an electrician.  As a customer, you probably want to know details like how soon you can get an appointment, if the installation happens on a separate day from the estimate, and/or how long a project is expected to take.


Do you have references?

When hiring an electrician, references give a potential customer the best insight into an electrician’s skills, reliability, and professionalism.  They come from the best source – someone that used to be in their shoes before choosing an electrician!  Receiving a reference from someone can build trust and help customers make an informed decision when choosing a service professional.


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