A critical distinction between home security systems is whether the equipment is installed by a professional technician or by you, the consumer, as a do-it-yourself project.  While it’s highly possible these days to install wireless sensors and security cameras without professional help, many customers are willing to pay more for professional installation to ensure safe equipment operation. Customers want to ensure that all the equipment is installed correctly, the system is customized to ensure an early-warning security perimeter is in place, the home’s alarm is monitored, and that the system continues to be maintained.


Security System Installations by Professional Electrician

The information below will help you decide whether a professionally installed home security system is right for you.  We also list our best and cheapest professionally installed home security systems, explain how much they cost, and tell you what to expect during the installation process.

Although selecting a top-rated home security system can be a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.  When you compare home security systems, remember that there are always advantages and disadvantages regarding design, cost, and level of service.  Answering these questions will help you get started.


How much protection do you need?

Sensors on a few doors and windows might be adequate to protect your home while you’re away, but you’ll probably want a more comprehensive system if your goal is to keep out intruders while you’re home.  Find a company that offers the appropriate level of security.


What’s your budget?

Choose a company with affordable equipment and monthly monitoring plans.  The equipment and installation cost is one bill, and the monitoring cost is a second bill.


Schedule an in-home consultation. 

Talk with a technician about visiting your home for a consultation and preparing a proposal.  The technician will identify security threats and possible technical issues like poor Wi-Fi.   Get two or three custom quotes from competing companies that clearly indicate all the expenses and terms of a contract, but don’t be pressured into buying a larger system than you need.  Make sure the systems you’re comparing are as similar as possible.  Also, pay attention to all contract terms and how professional company representatives appear.


Professional Service

During the installation, the technician may consult with you on the exact placement of the control panel, motion sensors, smoke detector, and any other equipment, or suggest changes to your original plan.  Once the installation is complete, the technician will test the service and walk you through how to use it.  Depending on the hardware needed and the complexity of the job, the installation could take anywhere from an hour to several hours to complete.


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