How many light switches in a home depends on the number of things so no specific number will be valid.  Ideally there should be a light switch beside every door to operate the lights in that room.  In many cases there will have to be multiple switches at any one location as there will be lights controlled at several locations from that one set of switches.


How many light switches?

For instance, by the front door you will need to control the outside lights, the hallway lights and possibly the lights in the stairwell if you have a second floor.  You may need a switch to control an outside outlet as well.  That being said if there are 10 rooms in a home then the very minimum will be 10 switches but more likely the final number for a 10-room house could easily be more like 20 or even more depending on how many ways you can move from room to room or even how many switches you would need in the hallways etc.  By NEC code, you are required to have one light in a room.  That one light must be controlled by a switch at each entrance into the room.

Without looking back, it may be possible that a switched receptacle would be acceptable in lieu of a ceiling fixture.  It’s not required by code to be able to control all possible lights from all possible entrances — one just needs to be able to turn on enough light to navigate the room and safely reach additional switches wherever they may be.  There could be a dedicated light and switch corresponding to each entrance.  That leads to a lot of walking around the space to switch all the lights; 3-way switching provides convenience.  In your case, full-matrix 3-way switching of every light zone from every entrance would lead to large banks of switches and a whole lot of wiring.  You can choose which light zones you want to control from each entrance; the rule is just that you have to be able to control something from every entrance.


What’s the requirement for light switch height in a home?

While there’s typically no specific rule, builders and electricians usually install light switches, so the bottom of each switch is 48 inches from the floor. This height makes it easy for most residents to operate the switches whether they’re standing or sitting.


How many switches can you connect together?

Switch clustering is a technique in SMART Homes in which up to 16 switches can be connected and managed over a single IP address.  In this technique, a large number of Ethernet switches are clustered or interconnected together and are controlled by an administrative switch.


How many lights are there in a home?

The Energy Department counted.  In a report published three years ago, for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, it estimated that there were 67 lights in the average American home.  Seems like a lot.  But you have to include everything. The six-bulb chandelier.  That’s six lights.  The lights in the garage, those at the front steps, in closets and the cellar.  Those are totaled too.

A house’s bedrooms have 16 lights on average.  And the bathrooms have another 10.  The exterior has another 9.  Of course, the numbers really vary by type of home.  An efficient apartment has few rooms and few lights.  A single-family suburban home can have many bedrooms and bathrooms and many lights.

It’s an enormous variation by type of home.  A single family home averages more than three times as many lights as a multi-family home.  While the average for all homes is 67 lights, the average for single family homes is 85 lights, for multi-family homes is 25 lights, and for mobile homes is 38 lights.


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