Electricity is an extremely powerful tool in the world today.  It is used every single day, though it can be very dangerous if used incorrectly.  If you experience an emergency with your electrical system, do you know who to call?  If there is any sign of fire, smoking, or burning, we recommend calling your local fire department immediately.


When to Call an Electrician:

When should you call an electrician?  We have put together a list of some situations that are considered electrical emergencies.  If you are experiencing any of these, we recommend calling a trusted, licensed electrician immediately.


Flickering Lights – this could be a sign that you have faulty or loose electrical wiring, which could cause them to become excessively hot or create a shock hazard.

Sparks When Using Outlets – This could be a sign of excessive heat in your outlet.  This is the first step toward an outlet melting.

Noisy or Smelly Devices – If you hear a cracking or loud buzzing sound coming from any electrical device, such as outlets, switches, or your electrical panel, it is considered an emergency situation.  As above, they could become very hot or even shock you.

Visibly Burned or Melted Devices -Do not touch any devices that look burned or melted.  If an outlet is in this state, it could be due to an overloaded circuit.  If a circuit is overloaded, it means the demand on it is more than the amount it is supposed to carry, and the device could be extra hot or shock you.

Breakers Continuously Tripping – A tripped breaker means that the breaker is doing its job and keeping your home safe.  If it is continuously tripping it is telling you there is a more serious issue.

No Power to HVAC Systems – You already know that in a New Jersey summer, you don’t want to be left in the heat.  If your HVAC system stops working, we recommend first calling an HVAC company.  However, if they determine it’s an electrical issue, you’ll want to call an electrician.

Power Outage/Partial Power/Power Surge – When a power outage happens, be sure to turn off appliances or electronics you had on when the outage occurred.  This can help prevent a power surge when the electricity comes on.

Water Damage – If you fall victim to a water leak, do not use the electrical devices in the areas that were affected, you could get shocked.


Our Recommendation

With the exception of calling the fire department first for an electrical fire, you should call an electrician right away if you experience any of these electrical emergencies.  They will help make sure that you and your family are safe and that any repairs are needed to prevent another emergency situation.


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