Searching for the best Tinton Falls Parking Lot Lighting? When looking for commercial electrical services for a parking lot, you need someone with experience and knowledge. LED lighting technology provides excellent benefits for parking lots because they generate and distribute the proper lighting. When you compare LED with most HID(High Intensity Discharge) lighting fixtures, the result is light that is more evenly distributed across an area. Those people that manage outdoor lighting need tangible business reasons to transition to LED.

Tinton Falls Parking Lot Lighting

Tinton Falls Parking Lot Lighting | Everywhere

Parking lot lighting is something we all confront on a daily basis. This type of lighting is used in every shopping center, office building complex, warehouses, schools and hospitals throughout the country. There are a few reasons why switching to LED has its benefits in energy cost reduction, low maintenance cost and the overall lighting presentation.

Tinton Falls Parking Lot Lighting | Energy

When using LED lighting versus other types of lighting automatically there is a drop of 40% to 60% in energy. Depending upon the size of the parking lot, the cost reduction can really add up to quite an amount over time. There is a high cost with parking lot lighting because of the amount of the lighting and the time they are on. If the parking lot is under the building, the lights are on all the time. Changing to LED lighting will add up to savings in energy and money.

Tinton Falls Parking Lot Lighting | Maintenance

A large cost for any organization with parking and area lighting is the lighting maintenance. Because these lights are often serviced by a third party contractor because of the need of equipment to adjust the lighting, cost can be high. When having LED generate the light in a parking lot, their functional life is generated differently from the other light fixtures. Instead of stopping and not functioning properly once the fuel source is significantly reduced, the LED light reduces very slowly over time. Therefore, the functional life is longer than another type of lighting and reducing costs.

Tinton Falls Parking Lot Lighting | Performance

The job of a parking lot lighting is critical and often overlooked when considering if they should be changed to LED or maintain the HID lights. Always ask yourself some questions; is the area being properly illuminated? Are the customers feeling safe and secure when walking through the parking lot especially in the evening? Normally a HID light produces a bright light right under the fixture and as customers walk away from the light post the light decreases drastically but the LED light distributes the light evenly so it goes beyond the post having the customer see better and feel safer as they walk away from the fixture. Not only in addition to the even distribution of the LED light throughout the parking lot, but LEDs are available in a range of color temperatures which increases the visual perception of the brightness. From both an economic standpoint and a lighting presentation standpoint there are major benefits in changing from a HID lamp to an LED lamp. LED’s can help reduce the maintenance needed and increase the presentation of the lights for customers. In the end, saving you more money.

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