Looking for the best Rumson Parking Lot Lighting company? You need commercial electrical services from a company like Mikulka Electric, Inc. LED lights work differently than a standard light bulb in the way they generate light and the way they distribute light in an area. LED parking lot lights add value to your home or business. Business owners using LED for their parking lots lights can see a significant reduction in energy costs. A business will also have less maintenance costs and an upgrade look to their business. There are a few benefits to having LED parking lot lighting installed in your home or business.

Rumson Parking Lot Lighting

Rumson Parking Lot Lighting | Savings

A big reason why businesses are motivated to upgrade to LED parking lot lighting is the cost and energy savings it produces. Just by making the transition from standard parking lot lighting to LED lighting there can be a reduction in energy consumption of up to at least 50%. This could mean for the business owner a savings of about $300 per fixture, per year in electricity costs. The larger the parking lot, the bigger the savings. Maintenance costs are definitely reduced by a significant amount when switching the LED lighting. As a result, the life span of an LED lighting is longer than the standard light bulb, which extremely lowers the cost of maintaining the fixtures in a parking lot.

Rumson Parking Lot Lighting | Performance

The presentation of a business parking lot and lighting is very important. Always making sure that the customers feel safe while walking or parking in the parking lot. Good lighting is important for visibility. LED lighting dispenses the light evenly to an area. As a result, the light levels across an area will differ as the distance from the pole and fixture changes. LED lighting has a wide selection of color temperatures, increasing the perception of brightness throughout the area.

Rumson Parking Lot Lighting | Safety

Mounting parking lot lighting protects you and your business. When a business has poor lighting, it attracts unwanted attention from burglars looking to perform a break in. When a building where expensive computers or equipment are stored, becomes striking to the wrong crowd of people, you need to be careful. Having great lighting especially at night, would keep the wrong crowd of people away. Security systems and cameras are great in protecting businesses, but lighting is a huge part in helping towards lowering the risk of criminal activities from happening. Installing good LED lighting into a parking lot facility will protect pedestrians and customers. It creates a safer environment for customers and businesses. It also creates a safer environment for employees working late or leaving their car in a parking lot area. The safety of cars moving in and out of parking spaces is important, so a well-lit area is crucial to prevent accidents.

Rumson Parking Lot Lighting | Professionalism

To secure your business’s assets you need to improve the lighting in a parking lot. Good lighting will brighten the parking lot as well as the building making it stand out and more presentable. It also gives the building and business a higher professional appearance. Installing parking lot lighting in your business will improve safety, security and professionalism that a business already owns.

Searching for the best Rumson Parking Lot Lighting? Mikulka Electric, Inc. is the company to hire. Our experienced and skilled electricians take all their jobs seriously. Whether it is to install a simple light switch or to invest in a parking lot lighting system, Mikulka Electric, Inc. can do it. We always get the job done no matter what the situation may be. Give us a call at (732) 363-8954 today. We look forward to serving your electrical needs!

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