Thinking of getting Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting? Mikulka Electric, Inc. can help with all your interior and exterior lighting. LED lighting have been changing the marketplace in many ways. LED lighting has extended lifespan. They reduce energy consumption and require very low maintenance. More and more customers are upgrading their lighting systems with LEDs, because of their many benefits. Compared to traditional lighting, LED wins every time. Here are a few benefits:

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting | Energy

LED lighting aims light in a specific direction without giving off too much heat. LED lighting uses 50 percent less electricity than the traditional lighting, which results in energy cost savings. These savings are important especially in areas that need to be lit for an extended period of time. With the directional lighting that the LED lighting system has it reduces wasted light and energy.

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting | Long Life

LED lights do not burn out like your traditional lighting system. They just dim over time. Quality LED lighting have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and at times longer depending on the fixture. With the longer lifespan, LED reduces labor costs of replacing light bulbs, which in turn reduces maintenance.

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting | Strength

LED lights are breakage resistant and are strong during vibrations or other impacts. You do not have to worry about broken glass. LED do not use any glass as other traditional lightings do. LED lighting are mounted on a circuit board.

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting | Temperature

Unlike some traditional lighting, LED lights like the cold weather. LED performance rises as temperatures drop. LED lighting is a perfect fit for refrigerated cases, freezers and cold spaces in addition to outdoor spaces.

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting | Brightness

LED lighting has 100% brightness when they are instantly turned on. When traditional lighting come on, they may requires a few minutes to reach their maximum light output. LED are advantageous following a power outage. Traditional lighting have a shorter lifespan when they are switched on and off. LED lighting is unaffected by the number of cycling times they are turned on. LED are great with occupancy or with daylight sensors.

Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting | Safety

In traditional lighting the majority of the power is converted into radiated heat. Excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation are present for those around. LED lighting throws out no ultraviolet radiation at all. With more and more advancement in technology, LED are resulting in lower costs and increased reliability. Some LED lighting can be dimmed to 10% of light output, where commercial fluorescent lighting systems can take a few dollars to become dimmable. When thinking if upgrading to LED lighting, you need to look at all applications. Because of their energy savings factor, you need to look at a mixture of issues, light quality, distribution and expected lifespan.

Searching for the best Monroe LED Outdoor Lighting? Mikulka Electric, Inc. is the company to choose. The Mikulka family have been serving homeowners in Central New Jersey for over 25 years. We take pride in the reputation we have built with all our customers. From the beginning of a project to the end, we provide the expertise to guarantee your electrical project is completed on time and within your budget. Our experienced and skilled electricians take every job with passion. They know that a job is complete when the customer is 100% satisfied. No matter how big or small the job, at Mikulka Electric, Inc. we get the job done right every time. Give us a call at (732)363-8954 when any type of electrical situation arises or to schedule your outdoor lighting consultation! We look forward to serving all your electrical needs!

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