Marlboro electrical permits are necessary if you are looking toto install or alter any permanent wiring or electrical device in your home or business. The permits ensure that everything is up to code and safe for you and others on the premises. A permit is also required if you wish to install additional wiring. Getting a permit is the first step in getting the job done correctly and safely. You can get a permit from licensed electrical professionals. It is important to remember that electrical work is different than any other work done in a home due to its dangerous nature. Electrical work needs a permit and then an inspection after the work is done to make sure everything was done properly. Today, we will be taking a look at electrical permits. Specifically, when you need one, why you need one, and where to get one.

Marlboro Electrical Permits

Marlboro Electrical Permits

Marlboro Electrical Permits | When do I need a Permit?

Big jobs involving electrical service need to have a permit and an inspection.  An inspector would come at the beginning of the job and at the end of the job. They check to see if the wire size is correct or if there are too many wires inside the box. They also check for any workmanship defects. When adding additional electrical pieces in a construction site, the inspector needs to come before the piece is covered, so that he can make sure everything was done properly.

Marlboro Electrical Permits | Permits Ensure Safety

Every state and county have different requirements and permits needed for a job especially electrical. Some homeowners believe that permits are a waste of time, but they are very important because it protects your home and family. These permits make sure that all the proper steps needed with the electricity to work properly and safely have been taken into consideration. The electrician will obtain the permit for the customer since they will be able to express what is being done. The fee should also be included in the entire job.

Marlboro Electrical Permits | What if I Have No Permit

Some homeowners want to get an electrical job done without a permit. This is not advisable because if it was not done correctly, your home and family can be in danger. Also, when selling a home during the inspection they will ask for all permits of any work done in your home while you have been living in it. There are a few problems associated with remodeling a home without a permit. If a remodeling was done without a permit and something goes wrong and there is fire damage, the homeowner’s insurance company may not cover the damages.  In some cities electrical work done without a permit, may result in tearing down anything in front of the electrical work, like a wall or tiles, which can be a mess. Also, there could be penalties and fines assessed with failure to obtain a permit for electrical work done in the home.

Marlboro Electrical Permits | Mikulka Electric

Mikulka Electric is a family owned company that provides Marlboro electrical permits as well as all commercial and residential electrical services. For over 25 years, has been serving electrical needs of everybody from homeowners to business owners to property owners of all sorts.  Mikulka takes pride in approaching each end every job with passion and enthusiasm no matter how big or small. We have built an impeccable reputation of excellence over the last 25 years and we strive to complete every job on time and within budget. Contact us today at (732) 363-8954 or visit our website for more information.

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