Looking for the best Holmdel Parking Lot Lighting? Mikulka Electric, Inc. has the best commercial electrical services. A parking lot with good lighting adds security and protection to all employees, customers and clients. When you have a low-quality lighting in the outdoor parking lot area, it can push customers away because of safety. There are some benefits for updating a parking lot lighting system to LED lights. Parking lot lights are a big consumer of energy since the lights are on for numerous hours. Updating to LED lights can add benefits to your company.

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Holmdel Parking Lot Lighting | Energy

Depending on the time of year, parking lot lights can be on for numerous hours once the sun sets. Parking lot lighting especially high voltage can be a large expense for your company. Changing to LED lighting can produce a reduction in energy costs by up to 50%. Your customers and clients will feel safe walking through the parking lot and your company will be saving money at the same time.

Holmdel Parking Lot Lighting | Protection

Your property, customers, and clients are all very important to any business. You need to protect them when they are in your business location. That would be the reason for updating to LED lighting. By moving to LED lighting you would be reducing potential crime from happening by making the parking lot more visible to cameras and other people. All customers and clients like to see a very lit area of a business to feel safe and secure. The brighter the parking lot the more customers are willing to walk through it and visit.

Holmdel Parking Lot Lighting | Professionalism

Creating a great eye appealing area for a business is critical. Customers and clients do not like to see lights flickering or very dim lighting when they park their car or walk through a parking lot area. First impressions are everything for a business. By choosing LED lighting, you are choosing a higher quality and a higher efficiency product. It makes the business look more professional and more appealing.  

Holmdel Parking Lot Lighting | Lower Maintenance

LED lighting has a longer life period. Standard lighting can last about 20,000 hours where LED lighting can last 50,000 hours or more. Longer life period can help by buying less light bulbs to replace the old ones when they go out. For less maintenance LED lighting are the best. Once an LED light bulb is at the end of its life, it doesn’t dimmer or flicker, it will just go out. LED is guaranteed to be brighter and last longer than other light bulbs. LED lighting saves you money.

Holmdel Parking Lot Lighting | Money Back

Always be mindful of what LED products you are upgrading to; some companies give rebates. Premium lighting is a higher quality type of lighting. Manufacturers have reduced their prices of LED lighting. Some utility companies offer benefits to parking lot owners that use this new technology of LED lighting. With the rebates offered the prices can reduce significantly. This means that the lights can pay for themselves in a short time. Between longer life span and rebates, upgrading to LED is the best choice.

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