NJ Electrical Contractor

Monmouth-County-Residential-Electrical-ContractorsMikulka Electric is a full-service NJ Electrical Contractor that serves the Central New Jersey area. Whether it’s a minor residential repair or a large scale commercial project, Mikulka Electric is equipped with the expertise, experience and knowledgeable staff to get the job done. Mikulka Electric, Inc. has a solution for you. As the best in Monmouth County residential electrical contractors, we handle GFCI’s, generators and everything in between!

NJ Electrical Contractor Blog

As the leading NJ Electrical Contractor, Mikulka makes it a priority to provide the community with important information about electrical issues. As part of providing that, we have made this blog available for free. This blog contains tips and information regarding all types of electrical problems and issues. We encourage you to look through these posts if you need information. Of course, if you have an electrical issue that needs fixed, you can always call us and we will help you immediately!

Holmdel Residential Electrician

Homeowners in New Jersey don’t often think about whether they need the services of a Holmdel residential electrician unless it becomes a big issue. Other than that, they live their lives and rarely give attention their home’s electrical system. There are...

Monmouth County Residential Electrical Contractors

Finding reputable Monmouth County residential electrical contractors isn’t as easy as it may seem, but it is definitely worth the effort. Not many things bring more peace of mind than knowing that your electric system will be properly taken care of. Monmouth...